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The Tony Law Tapes

The Tony Law Tapes is a series of ground-breaking interviews with the world's foremost Time Traveller, Tony Law, conducted by John-Luke Roberts.

Throughout extensive interviews, we hope to document the adventures of Tony Law.
These tapes will re-write history.

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Listen to series 1 of the Tony Law Tapes here, and if you'd like to contribute to our next recordings, email your questions to .

1 - Nudity in Ancient Rome

In this first episode, Tony talks about his part in ending nudity in ancient Rome, and how Mongol hordes weren't interested in learning the offside rules. He also opens up more than he perhaps should about yaks.

2 - Experiments With Sausage Dogs

In this second episode, Tony admits that he wasn't always best-placed to observe history; talks about the sort of comedy that goes down well with Mayans; and explains how he knows that his sausage dog is probably lost forever.

3 - Teaching Stalin Rhythmic Gymnastics

In this third episode, John-Luke pushes Tony on the ethics of being friends with Stalin, ignoring everything Tony has to say about dogs in the meantime, but getting sidetracked into Tony's accidental contribution to the cocaine industry.

4 - Real Horny, Real Young

In this fourth episode, John-Luke recaps Tony's testimony so far, and then focuses on Tony's participation in three of the Crusades.

5 - Alexander The Great's Balls

No matter how much swearing has been cut out of this episode - all of it - there's no getting around the fact that Tony talks about his intimate knowledge of Alexander The Great's balls, and also how he domesticated sheep.

6 - Yetis & Audience Questions

This week, in the first episode to be recorded at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, John-Luke largely refuses to allow Tony to talk about anything other than his time spent amongst the Yeti. He also puts all the audience questions that had been sent in in advance to Tony..

7 - Piggybacks From Dictators

This week, in the second episode to be recorded at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we take questions from the floor - including things Tony has fallen off, who he admires, and a question about beasts that we're not sure anyone understood. There's also a bit about erections and we're not sure whether that makes this 'explicit' or not.

8 - Fantastic Beasts and Sound Effects

This week, in the third episode to be recorded at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we again take questions from the audience, covering subjects such as whether Tony knows what a Phoenix is, which sound effects he provides to films, and how you can or cannot harness the power of sausage dogs to control your time traveling.